God has a plan

January 28, 2021 — Leave a comment

As I had my devotional this morning I was reminded about my childhood and how I did not appreciate many of my father’s lessons until after his death.

Jesus Disciples remind me of small children when it came to understanding Christ’s predictions. There were many statements made by Jesus where his disciples did not understand until after His death.

In the book of John chapter 2:13-22 describes Jesus’ Holy anger.  He went off on the merchants because they were selling livestock in the temple for sacrificing. Can you imagine how you would feel if you got all dressed up for Easter service and when you get there it has become a flea market! Okay, I might be exaggerating but you get the point. I would be mad too!

When they asked Jesus for a demonstration of Jesus’ power. He told them to destroy this temple (body), and in three days he would rebuild it! At the time everyone, including his disciples, believed He meant the temple that was built by Herod The Great!

Even after all the junk, I’ve been through, I confess that I don’t always understand God’s end game! We are a lot like the disciples we can not understand God’s wisdom in the middle of our testing. He has a plan even if you don’t see how He could Deliver you.

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