We need to see the big picture

Anthony De La Garza —  January 16, 2014 — 4 Comments


 Dear Friend,

I am going to be honest with you in the reading of the first three chapters of Exodus; I could not see how GOD was going to deliver the Israelites, even after choosing Moses to unveil HIS plan for His people!

C’mon Church  not only were the Hebrews slaves, but a so called man of GOD (Moses) came and made life worse for them (Exodus 5); as slaves, it was the Hebrew’s responsibility to make bricks of a certain amount each day, and because Moses told the king of Egypt (Pharaoh) to let God’s people go he said not only will you still be obligated to make the bricks each day, but you have to supply your own hay(I think hay harden the brick by its acidic properties).

 Pharaoh essentially said since the Hebrew people have to make stupid (lazy) requests they must need more work!

This kind of logic reminds me of what my dad use to tell me when I would cry: “Why are you crying? If you want a reason to cry; I’ll give you a reason to cry!”


          Finally in Exodus chapter 6, I was encouraged by God stating He has fulfilled the promise He had made w/the fathers Abraham, Isaac & Jacob (Exodus 6:6-8).

Moses reported this to the Israelites, but they did not listen to him because of their discouragement and harsh labor.

This story reminds me of our typical reaction to life’s junk. We forget of all God’s promises because we are too occupied with our issues!

Anthony De La Garza


This blog is to educate the reader to God's perfect will!

4 responses to We need to see the big picture

    Richard Rodriguez March 3, 2014 at 11:56 PM

    Amen brother


    Deborah J Hendryx January 16, 2016 at 3:59 PM

    Thank you Anthony! In the past few weeks I have been reminded over and over, God keeps His promises! He desires His glory displayed in us! Praise His Holy Name! I am TOTALLY okay with His plan for my life! Thank you again for sharing 🙂



      Sister Deborah, first of all, I want to thank you for reading my blog. It is our privilege to let God direct our lives because He can see the big picture! He can see which path is beneficial to our lives!!


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