Mother’s Day

Anthony De La Garza —  May 12, 2013 — Leave a comment

mothers dayI thank God that America has a specific day for mothers! I know not all mothers are deserving of this day, but most are. If you had a Godly mother as I do, you would have a distinct place in your heart for Mother’s Day.

josie n sons

My mom reminded me, through a conversation she had with my brother, of how poor we were in the early 80’s (Thank you President Carter, LOL 😉 ). Mom said that she made about $3,000 a year, and she didn’t think she made enough to tithe. You might be wondering, what is a tithe? I am sure a theologian would have an eloquent definition for tithing, but I am not a theologian!! Basically, it is 10% of your earnings, so for every dollar you make ten cents goes to The Church. She told us of our struggle each month, just to make ends meet; she knew life couldn’t get any worse by tithing. By her trusting GOD and paying our tithe, she proved to us that GOD’S WORD is true (Malachi 3:10)! We witness first-hand how GOD blessed us for giving.  My mom said to my brother, “I thought I couldn’t afford to tithe, but I learned that I couldn’t afford not to!”

I call our life before tithing, life without God’s blessings or life before tithing (LBT). This is one of many spiritual-lessons I learn through my mom’s example. Ok, I didn’t always appreciate what mom had to teach me, but as I grew older I can see how GOD used my mom’s life to better mine.

Anthony De La Garza


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